How to Carry as a Support in Solo Queue

Welcome, brave adventurer, to the quirky, oftentimes overlooked world of playing support in the ever-engaging game of League of Legends. Now, you may be wondering how one can truly “carry” a game as a support. Fear not, for today we shall delve into the deep, dark secrets that will transform you from a mere ward-placing peasant into the backbone of your team. Prepare yourself, for this journey is not for the faint of heart. Let us begin our tale on how to carry as a support in solo queue.

A Most Unlikely Hero

Contrary to popular belief, supports can have a massive impact on the outcome of a solo queue game. Utilizing abilities and utility items, they become unsung heroes who provide vision, map control, and the opportunity for their teammates to wreak havoc on the enemy. With proper understanding of your role, you shall become the orchestrator of your enemies’ demise and the key to your team’s victory.

The Art of Game-Changing Plays

Supports have a unique ability to engage, disengage, or disrupt the enemy using their wide range of crowd control and utility spells. By mastering the timing and positioning of these abilities, you can catch your opponent off-guard and turn the tide of battle in your favor, all while maintaining a sly smirk on your face.

While warding off the enemy’s advances, keep an eye on their positioning, and when the opportunity presents itself, strike! Engage a fight when the enemy is vulnerable, save your carry when they are about to be assassinated, and disrupt the enemy team’s wombo combo with a well-placed silence or knockup. The spotlight may not shine on you, but your team will thank you, in their own peculiar ways.

Mastering the Art of Vision Control

Ah, vision, the bane of the enemy and the lifeblood of your team. A well-warded map provides invaluable information that allows your team to make informed decisions and outmaneuver the enemy. To become the ultimate vision master, one must learn where to place wards and when to use control wards and Oracle lenses. Keep a keen eye on objectives like Dragon and Baron, so your team can contest them in the most advantageous way possible.

But wait, there’s more! Denying the enemy vision by clearing their wards is equally important. With your trusty Oracle lens, sweep your way through the map, leaving your enemies blind and confused. Remember to communicate with your team, as vision control is a group effort. Your teammates may not always respond with enthusiasm, but deep down, they appreciate your diligence.

The Subtle Art of Roaming

While your ADC may be your partner in crime, your influence should not be limited to the bottom lane alone. Effective roaming can provide assistance to your other lanes, utilizing your crowd control and utility skills to secure kills or relieve pressure. Roaming is an art form, requiring finesse and an expert sense of timing.

Choose wisely when to roam. Look for opportunities when your ADC is either safe or not present in the lane, and make sure to sneak by undetected by the enemy team. Once in position, strike fast and strike true, providing a swift demise to your opponents. Quickly return to your lane, lest your ADC bemoans your absence.

Embrace Your Destiny

And so, brave adventurer, your journey towards carrying as a support in solo queue has begun. Master the art of game-changing plays, vision control, and roaming, and you shall become the backbone of your team. Climb the ranks, make a difference, and know that every time you deny an enemy kill or secure one for your team, you are the unsung hero that made victory possible. Now, go forth and conquer!