This page covers some frequently asked questions around the terminology used on this site and in League of Legends in general.

What does ADC mean?

ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry. This role is usually played in the bot lane together with a support. ADC champions are ranged champions that specialize in dealing physical damage by attacking with their regular attack. They typically build heavy damage items like Kraken Slayer, and Infinity Edge.

What is ganking?

Ganking means coming in to assist to get a kill on an enemy champion. Typically the jungler is most likely to come for a gank, but sometimes laners will also roam from their position to try to gank enemy champions. It is derived from “ganging up”.

What does CC mean?

CC is short for Crowd Control. This refers to any abilities that are capable of disabling enemy champions, such as stuns, slows, snares, and silences (among others).

What does AoE mean?

AoE stands for Area of Effect. This refers to any abilities that can hit multiple enemies in an area.