The Basics of League of Legends Map Awareness

What is League of Legends Map Awareness?

Map awareness is the fundamental skill of being aware of your surroundings in League of Legends. It is an essential piece of knowledge for any player and enables you to make better decisions and more effective strategies. Map awareness helps you to identify key objectives, anticipate enemy movement, and gain an edge over your opponents.

Types of Map Awareness

There are four main types of map awareness in League of Legends. These are:

  • Objective Awareness
  • Enemy Awareness
  • Ally Awareness
  • Jungle Awareness

Objective Awareness

Objective awareness is the knowledge and understanding of the objectives on the map. Objectives are key areas which require special attention as they tend to have a large impact on the outcome of the game. Objectives can range from Baron, Dragon, towers, and Inhibitors to the lesser objectives such as buffs and jungle camps. Knowing where objectives are located and understanding the importance of them is essential for any League of Legends player.

Enemy Awareness

Enemy awareness is an understanding of where your enemies are at all times. This knowledge will help you to anticipate enemy movements, predict ganks, and make informed decisions. Knowing the location of your enemies is also important for avoiding fights when necessary and for setting up ambushes and ganks.

Ally Awareness

Ally awareness is the understanding of your allies’ locations and movements. This includes knowing when an ally is low on health or mana, when they are in a vulnerable position, and when they need help. Having this knowledge will help you to coordinate team fights, set up ambushes, and make better decisions.

Jungle Awareness

Jungle awareness is the knowledge of the jungle and its objectives. This includes knowing the locations of jungle camps, when they will respawn, and how to best optimize your routes for farming and ganking. It is important to understand the jungle and its objectives as they can be used as an effective tool for gaining an advantage over the enemy.

Applying Map Awareness

Once you understand the basic types of map awareness, you can start to apply them to your games. Here are some tips for applying map awareness in your games:

  • Pay attention to the map at all times and be aware of objectives and enemy movements.
  • Know the locations of your allies and be aware of their movements and actions.
  • Position yourself in advantageous locations and avoid overextending.
  • Know the optimal paths for ganking and farming in the jungle.
  • Understand the importance of warding and use it to gain an advantage.
  • Optimize your team composition by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each champion.

By utilizing map awareness, you can gain an edge over your opponents and increase your chances of success in League of Legends. With enough practice, you will become more skilled at identifying and predicting enemy movements, setting up ambushes, and optimizing your builds and strategies.


Map awareness is an essential skill for any League of Legends player. Understanding the basics of map awareness and how to apply them will give you an edge over your opponents. By knowing the locations of objectives and enemy players, you can make better decisions, optimize your builds and strategies, and gain a competitive advantage.