Best Beginner Champions for League of Legends in 2022

Best Beginner Champions for League of Legends in 2022

Need to pick a champion quick and don’t know which one you should choose? Are you afraid that you’ll make a mistake and pick a champion that requires a ton of skill and complicated combos to do well? Don’t worry, I’ve got the picks for you! All of these champions will perform well in their roles without needing to do anything complicated. So let’s dive into the best beginner champions for League of Legends in 2022.

The best champions to pick as a beginner in 2022 for each role are:
ADC: Miss Fortune, Tristana, Jhin; Support: Brand, Lux, Zyra; Mid: Mordekaiser, Veigar, Yone; Top: Yorick, Dr. Mundo, Urgot; Jungle: Ammumu, Master Yi, Warwick.

ADC (Bot Lane)

1. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune requires a little bit of skill in terms of positioning due to the lack of an escape ability, but her AoE ultimate means that she can always contribute to a team fight even when behind in farm.

2. Tristana

Tristana features plenty of range, high AoE damage, and heaps of safety with her Rocket Jump. She can take over a game if she gets ahead, but can also provide plenty of safe damage from behind.

3. Jhin

Jhin provides explosive damage for a far range. He plays a little bit differently to most other ADCs, so that’s something to take into account.

Support (Bot Lane)

1. Brand

Brand provides poke, AoE damage, and CC from the support position. For a beginner you can even build some straight damage items on him and carry your team.

2. Lux

Lux has a really strong CC with her snare, and can pack a punch with a few damage items. Even though she is skillshot based her cooldowns are short enough that you can simply try again and again until you hit someone, and when you do that often translates to a kill for your team.

3. Zyra

Zyra is another support with high damage potential and great CC.

Mid Lane

1. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser has both high damage and good survivability making him a great pick for beginners in the mid lane.

2. Veigar

Veigar provides huge burst damage, high 1v1 potential and a strong CC all in one small package. Plus this yordle comes with infinite AP scaling with his passive, so if the game goes long he just keeps getting better.

3. Yone

Yone brings a mix of both physical and magical damage to your party, which means that he fits in well anywhere.


1. Yorick

Yorick is a safe top laner that should almost always be able to farm safely. He can also split push very well into the late game.

2. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is a great tank pick, and can farm safely from range with his Infected Bonesaw ability if he falls behind.

3. Urgot

Urgot is one of the few ranged top lane champions, and therefore can usually farm from a safe distance. He can also build very tanky, or build damage and carry the team, making him very flexible.


1. Ammumu

Ammumu has decent clear speed in the jungle, and comes with a gap closer with built in CC. Additionally his ultimate provides a huge AoE CC that can sometimes win teamfights almost on its own.

2. Master Yi

Master Yi has great clear speed in the jungle and provides strong damage for your team. He also has simple abilities that are easy to master, however he lacks in CC so ganking can be difficult. Consider using Master Yi if your laners already have plenty of CC.

3. Warwick

Warwick comes with a gap closer and CC on his ultimate to make ganking easy, but his clear speed is only mediocre.