Now On Twitter

I have finally signed up for a Twitter account, after meaning to do so for over a year. Just follow @SebDusterwald or use the nice and convenient follow button in the left sidebar to keep up to date with what is going on. I will be posting about what I'm working on, whether it is LoLTool related or not. So if you are curious as to what is going on, if updates are in the pipeline or whether I'm busy on other projects the easiest way to find out will be to follow me on Twitter.

v0.2.0.48 Live!

A pretty big update this time around so I thought I'd take the time to write about it a little. The biggest change is to the menu (screenshot below) that pops up from the tray icon. It now has icons for all the options and a new layout to try to make it a little less cluttered. With so many features packed into LoLTool by now I thought it made sense to pop some of them into a sub-menu ("Extras"). I've also added a sub-menu for web links. This is pretty sparse right now but I'll be adding to it in the future to provide quick access to all the important LoL related sites around the web.


Season 3 Patch

I'm aware that item icons seem to be missing after the Season 3 patch. I'm currently working on a fix and it will be up soon. Also, Welcome to Season 3 Summoners!

S3 Recommended Item Editor Live

New patch for LoLTool enabling the new Season 3 recommended item editor is up and will automatically download when you restart LoLTool.
Important! LoLTool now requires the Full install of .NET4, not just the Client Profile install. What this means is that if you find LoLTool crashes when you open the recommended item editor you will need to manually install the .NET4 framework by going to the Microsoft website here:, downloading the install program and running it.

New Recommended Items Editor Preview

Working hard on trying to get a season 3 compliant recommended item editor out to you guys. Got the UI sorted and figured out the new API. Just a matter of putting it all together and hooking up all the bits. Hopefully I'll have a patch with everything working out tomorrow or the next day. Shouldn't be far off anyway. Enjoy a sneak preview of what it looks like so far, I hope you like it.


Status Update - Season 2 Patch

Looks like the Season 3 patch is going live today. With it come many sweeping changes including changes to how the recommended item system is working. This will most likely break LoLTool for a short duration until I can put together an update. Be assured that I will be working tirelessly to fix any problems with LoLTool that this patch causes and that an update will be out as soon as possible.

...And That's a Wrap! - IPL5 Day 4

Today saw the thrilling conclusion to the epic IPL5 tournament. First off WE faced Fnatic in the winner's final where WE advanced to the grand finals with a 2-1 victory. Fnatic though proved the first (and ultimately only) team to be able to take games off WE after winning the first game handily. They even managed to hold advantages in both of the games that they ultimately lost but WE proved simply too coordinated in the mid-to-late game stages.

Locked in Combat - IPL5 Day 3

Another day of brutal competition at IPL5 has seen six more teams make an exit and the final 4 teams decided. This day started with a team-kill situation when Curse.NA faced off against Curse.EU (and support sub Patoy). This was a close series taken all the way to game three but in the end it was a victory for Curse.NA who have been looking pretty good all tournament. I expect them to place highly at future NA tournaments. At the same time two teams that have played each other many times (mostly with the same result) clashed when Taipei Assassins had to play against Singapore Sentinels.

Salting the Earth - IPL5 Day 2

Today the bracket stages of the tournament kicked off in earnest, once again delivering a plethora of high-level play for us to enjoy. The day got started with FeaR playing versus fellow NA team Meat Playground. While I had high hopes for FeaR to finally put up a good showing at a LAN event, this was not to be their breakout moment and they were eliminated 2-0. At the same time Curse.NA played against Team Dynamic (another two NA teams in the loser's bracket, color me shocked) resulting in an exit for Team Dynamic from this competition.