7 Strategies for Winning Teamfights in League of Legends

7 Strategies for Winning Teamfights in League of Legends

Teamfights are one of the most important aspects of playing League of Legends, and if you want to become one of the best players on the Rift, then mastering them is a must. After all, if your team can win the majority of their teamfights, they will gain a huge advantage over their opponents and be able to control the outcome of the game. But how? In this post, we will outline seven key strategies for consistently winning teamfights in League of Legends.

1. Build to Counter Your Opponent’s Composition

The most important factor in winning a teamfight is understanding the composition of your opponents and building your team to counter it. This requires careful observation of the enemy team’s lineup and builds, as well as anticipating their playstyle. Try to build your team with champions that have varied damage types and that can effectively handle whatever threat the enemy team presents. For example, if you’re up against a composition with a lot of magical damage, then you might want to consider adding champions like Amumu, Nautilus, or Braum to your team, as they all have strong magical defenses.

2. Prioritize Target Selection

When the teamfight begins, it’s important to decide who you want to target first. This decision should be based on who you think is the most important member of the enemy team. In most cases, this will be their carry, as they will often be the highest-damage source on the team. Try to focus fire on the carry and leave other targets for later. If the enemy team has someone like Vayne or Kog’Maw, then you should probably focus all your attention on them, as they can quickly turn a fight around with their high damage output and ultimate abilities.

3. Use Crowd Control

Crowd control (CC) like stuns, slows, and silences are incredibly useful in teamfights. Not only do they prevent the enemy team from dealing damage, but they also provide your team with an opportunity to pick off the enemy’s squishiest targets. Make sure to have some sort of CC in your team composition, and use it to your advantage in teamfights. For example, if you have Nautilus on your team, then make sure to use his Staggering Blows ability to keep the enemy team in check. Or, if you have Morgana on your team, then make sure to use her Soul Shackles ability to keep the enemy team in one spot.

4. Know Your Role

It’s important for all players to know what their role is in teamfights. Some players should be in the front line, absorbing damage and protecting the team’s carries, while others should be protecting the back line and using their crowd control abilities to control the enemy’s movement. Make sure everyone on the team is aware of their roles and can play to their strengths. For example, if you have a tank like Malphite on your team, then make sure everyone knows that he should be in the front line, soaking up damage, while the carries like Jhin and Ashe should stay in the back line and focus on dealing damage.

5. Use Teamfight Ultimates

Teamfight ultimates, like Twisted Fate’s Destiny or Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow, can be incredibly powerful in the right situations. Make sure to use them at the right time, as they can easily turn the tide of a fight. Be sure to communicate with your team so everyone can coordinate the use of their ultimates. For example, if you have a Ziggs on your team, then make sure to coordinate with him to use his Mega Inferno Bomb ultimate to get the most out of it.

6. Use Mobility

Having champions with mobility like Ahri, Yasuo, and Riven can be incredibly useful in teamfights. The ability to reposition quickly can make the difference between winning and losing a fight. Try to have at least one mobile champion on your team to provide your team with the ability to dodge enemy abilities and quickly get into position. For example, if you have a Yasuo on your team, then make sure to use his Sweeping Blade ability to quickly reposition your team in the heat of battle.

7. Stay Together

Finally, it’s important to stay together as a team in a fight. If your team is spread out, it’s much easier for the enemy team to pick off your carries and break your formation. Try to stay together and move as one unit, so you can coordinate your attacks and protect your carries. For example, if you have someone like Blitzcrank on your team, then make sure to use his Rocket Grab ability to keep the enemy team in one spot and make it easier for your team to stay together.


Winning teamfights in League of Legends is an important skill that all players should strive to master. By following these seven strategies, you’ll be on your way to becoming a strong teamfighter and winning more games. So, gather your team, hit the Rift, and go show those enemy teams who’s boss!