What is LoL Tool?
LoL Tool is a small Windows application that provides some helpful functionality for all League of Legends™ players.

Play smarter, use LoL Tool.

Recommended Item Changer

Not a fan of the recommended item editor built into the League of Legends client? Don’t want to have to fire up the client to tinker with your item set? No problem. Change your recommended item sets quickly and easily with a drag-and-drop interface. Building your perfect item loadout has never been easier.

Recommended Items Changer

Hotkey Editor

If you like to use smart cast on some abilities but not others LoL Tool is perfect for you. Easily set up hotkey sets to enable smart and/or self cast on champion abilities and then enable the hotkey set you want to use from the tray icon menu with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Hotkeys Editor

Timers Overlay

Keep accurate time of all the important objectives. Using the timers overlay you can track when jungle buffs respawn and track the life of up to two wards. Never miss Baron, Dragon, or a buff respawn again.

Timers Overlay

Ping Monitor

Turn on ping monitoring in the LoL Tool options and you will be able to see your ping displayed in a tooltip on the tray icon. Additionaly the tray icon will change, showing green yellow or red depending on how good your ping currently is. Never guess again if your connection is currently good enough to play.

Tray Icon